ICP 041 | Pica Pica
ICP 041 | Pica Pica
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Pica Pica

ICP 041, 2004

Oliver, Bennink, Lehn

Mary Oliver - violin, viola
Han Bennink
- drums
Thomas Lehn - live electronics

1  Sheow 1 (12:43)
2  Sheow 2 (7:35)

All compositions Bennink, Oliver, Lehn

A special limited edition of 150 numbered copies, each cover of this miniature issue is handmade by Han Bennink

Creditcard size cd containing mp3 files, playable on computers, most DVD-players and modern CD-players indicating'mp3'

recorded live at the Bimhuis Amsterdam during a performance by Magpie Music Dance Company june 5 2003

recording by Marc Schots

coverdesign Han Bennink

produced by Han Bennink, Thomas Lehn, Mary Oliver, Dick Lucas


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